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Star Spangled School

Obviously this is one of our favorite holidays, the name of the holiday contains a number! 

In honor of America's birthday, Koala Coach presents: 
Star Spangled School
Take a moment with your children to notice the details of the American flag.
Pre School -
Discuss colors, shapes and patterns found in the stars and the stripes. Count them!

Early Elementary -  Discuss the word horizontal. Then count every other row of stars by 6s. After that, starting with the second row of stars, count every other row of stars by 5s. Add up the total number of stars.

Discuss the word vertical. Then  count every other column of stars by 5s. After that, starting with the second column, count every other column by 4s. Add up the total. 

Upper Elementary 
Think about a different way that the 50 stars could be arranged. Is there an equation that represents your 50 star arrangement?

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